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Waste-to-energy is an energy recovery process utilizing various form of waste as the primary feed stock (fuel).

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Most of today’s thermal waste elimination technologies were designed for larger scale waste incineration or pyrolysis. These units operate below a critical threshold temperature of 1250 C, producing harmful emissions and suffering from inefficient rates of energy recovery.

PowerHouse Energy Utilizes Pyromex’s Ultra-High Temperature Gasification System for waste-to-energy projects. Pyromex’s system is permitted and approved (based on strict German Governmental Standards) to process 23 different organic waste materials and has the capacity to recover 95-97% of entrained energy with zero emissions.

Standard waste pre-treatment equipment is used to sort, size and condition waste materials; the feed stock is then fed into an oxygen-free reactor chamber with temperatures reaching 1250◦C-2400◦C, creating synthetic gas or ‘’syngas’’.

The syngas is then scrubbed to remove all contaminants (recovered as solid particulate matter) and disposed of according to local environmental compliance requirements. This process allows Pyromex to convert challenging substances like toxic waste and used tyres into sellable energy products with a variety of applications.