Key Accomplishments

Welcome to Power House Energy

Combining our power generation with sustainable fuels

* Customer Quality

* Multiple projects with some of the most recognized, iconic Corporate customers

* Demonstrated experience with leading DG equipment and partnerships in the emerging clean and renewable fuel industry

* Industry Recognition

* EPA CHP Partnership

* Department of Energy/Oak Ridge Laboratories consulting partner

* PHE Energy Service

* 4 Energy Service installations: we own and operate at customers’ site with 5 more planned in the next 15 months US

* 3 Sustainable communities planned outside US with our biomass, waste-to-energy equipment, power and transportationfuel central plants

* Pyromex/PHEA

* Gasification of 23 different waste streams from wood to tires to municipal solid waste

* Adapts to local waste streams as a clean fuel or energy solution

* Strong commercial support by customers

* Ability to use the waste gas for power generation in engines, turbines, boilers and fuel cells, methanol or ethanol renewable fuels or hydrogen, flexible to customer needs

* PHE has executed international license for manufacture, sales and service and will make an equity investment in PHEA/Pyromex for a long-term relationship in the gasification and other energy technologies development

* Contracts in place with very strong sales opportunity and great margins. Typical project sale is ~$50 million with 2-4 year returns.

* Liquid Biofuels

* PHE has executed an engineering cooperation agreement for integration for methanol and ethanol technologies and syn-diesel.

* PHE has executed a cross license agreement to allow PHE to market and sell Biofuel equipment with PHE products.

* Biomass

* Partnered with BioMass Farms for the supply of a biomass, high-density short rotation hardwood tree as feedstock support for the Pyromex

* Cooperative plantation ownership in Pyramid Hills for biomass supply and power generation